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Product Name:RL-017
Model : Dummy IR (indoor/outdoor) camera with LED light and night sensor
Detailed Information>>
Product Name:RL-900B
Model : Dummy Alarm Siren with LED flash light
Detailed Information>>
Product Name:RL-028
Model : Solar Dummy outdoor/IR camera w/LED light
Detailed Information>>
Product Name:RL-023
Model : Dummy Dome Camera with light
Detailed Information>>
RL INDUSTRIAL LTD. specializing in all kinds of dummy cameras, whether you're looking for a dome dummy camera, rotating dummy camera, indoor dummy camera, outdoor dummy camera, a model with or without a flashing light we have a model for every application. Criminals will be convinced that the area is being electronically monitored and will go in search of an easier target.
Best price and good quality is always our promise. ...
Dummy Alarm Siren
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